Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson Has No Reason to Apologize

During President Obama's speech last night (09/09/09) before the full Congress one emotionally charged representative shouted out "You Lie," during a poignant moment in the speech that dealt with Obama's health care proposal, how it would be paid for and the status of illegal aliens as it pertains to the bill. The discontented comment could be distinctly heard as it came during a lull in the speech and applause.

That member of the House was Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, and I deem him as a patriot in the same vein as our early founders for freely speaking out his disdain at what the President was saying since it was quite obvious to anyone with even a half a brain that Obama was once again shrilling political partisanship and hard left-leaning rhetoric in a speech that was suppose to bring healing between the parties and clarity to the issue of exactly where the President stood on health care reform and just how he would implement and pay for said plan.

Members of the event from both sides of the aisle were aghast at Wilson's "lack of decorum" during the event and even Wilson himself later apologized for blurting out his comment.

Listen Joe, you need not apologize for anything done or said last night. You exercised your right as a citizen of this country and as a leader of a large constituency of voting American citizens who oppose the President's slide into socialized, government-run health care coverage. You have nothing to be ashamed of, nor do you need to concern yourself over other members of your own party who judged you or the ugly leer from that hack sitting in the Speaker's chair. I congratulate you for your strength of character and willingness to hold back because if you are like most Americans who oppose the President's plan and his lefty croonies on this hot-potato issue then yelling "you lie" was likely just the tip of the iceberg of what you could have shouted out. If President Obama had been living and delivering this speech as little as 100 years ago he would have just as likely had a tomato or worse thrown at him from a fellow congressman.

Wilson was quite civil and used proper decorum. When did it become un-statesmanlike to shout out a disagreement at our President from a fellow elected official or even an average citizen? When did we become less of a democratic republic founded on the bedrock of independent thinking and right of expression? I must have missed the memo that said being politically correct and agreeably quiet at a time of sharp differences is now the accepted norm.

Rep. Joe Wilson - a word to you. You keep right on voicing your concern over this President's or any other person's policies that you find reprehensible. That goes for the rest of the citizens of this country as well because the minute we put aside our basic, constitutionally guaranteed rights for the sake of civility and PC-like behavoir is the day you can kiss the country's existence goodbye.

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