Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's Speech to School Kids -- Adults Need to Hear It Too!

Today President Obama delivered a speech via a classroom in Virginia, through the internet and Live TV to school students from kindergarten through 12th grade of high school. It was probably his most memorable speech and a truly Presidential moment since coming to office nearly 9 months ago.

It wasn't political or partisan in nature, but given from the heart of a father who has his own school-aged children.

The President kept focused on the issue at hand, American kids and their future leadership of this country and the world, and how those seeds of leadership are being sown in their lives now by their learning and school studying habits.

I can easily see the President sitting down with his two daughters and giving them this same speech in the comfort of their living room. That is how he came across, a caring father giving straight forward, real experienced-learned advice to the next two generations who will take this nation further into this millenium.

There was no hint of liberalism or conservatism or any kind of ism in his heart-to-heart talk with our nation's kids. He told it truthfully, honestly, heartfully and without any political bull or mud-slinging.

He reminded us all of the responsibility inherent within all of us in ensuring kids get the best opportunity to learn and grow. Parents, teachers, government leaders, but most importantly, the President stressed the importance of the responsibility the children have for their own learning.

One of the most memorable lines from the speech was -- "Where you are right now doesn't have to determine where you'll end up. No one's written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future."

Those are the words of an American President. Not a liberal, not a conservative, not a moderate, not a socialist, but simply a man, a father, a President concerned for the future of this nation's kids and this nation's role.

Kudos Mr. President. Now, can you show this same kind of leadership and non-partisanship for the other important issues before us today? If you can, then like Presidents Kennedy and Reagan before you, nothing will impede the success and progess of America as the role model for a true democratic republic, purveyor of good will and protector of the people.

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