Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Faith in Government Restored -- Slightly

Today the United States Congress did something unique. They overwhelmingly voted to strip the exceptionally scandalized ACORN from receiving any taxpayer federal funds. Only 75 congress members voted to keep this shoddy organization funded, while 11 Senators stayed the course for the corrupt institution. Unless those 86 represent very pro-ACORN constituents in their districts then they better find themselves a new day job come next election.

The only question I'm asking is -- why did it take members of Congress this long to cut ACORN's federal grant monies? The organization has been the center of corruption since its creation, has been investigated countless times by the various Attorney General's office, including close legal scrutiny in 12 different States.

Now anti-ACORN elements need to take this battle to the State level as this federal level cut-off only effects federally funding them, but this move by both houses of the legislature is a real step in the right direction.

And just when I was beginning to loose faith in the system they go and do something good! If they keep this up we political bloggers will have very little to talk about.

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