Monday, August 17, 2009

Why Do We Need Universal Health Care for All in America?

Why do we need universal healthcare? Why not just have a government program like Medicare for citizens who can't get insurance for whatever reason. Why make it open to those who already have and are happy with their current plans.

Any employer in his/her right mind will not spend the thousands and millions on healthcare coverage for their employees if there is a government run universal plan available out there. Most of the expense for companies is employee benefits like healthcare and pension plans. My hospital employees around 5000 people. Their benefit costs are millions every year. Do you think they would continue with that if the government opens up a plan for all its citizens? Not hardly. That is why it is imperative not to forget the importance of choice. It doesn't matter what President Obama says about people happy with their plans keeping them. If their employers drop the plan because their employees can be covered by a government plan that won't cost the company a damn thing...believe me, healthcare provided by employers will be the first benefit out the window.

Of course, unless the whole problem of Tort reform isn't addressed first then all this talk of universal health care is moot.

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