Monday, August 17, 2009

A Once Silent Majority Are Now Speaking Up - Loudly!

Our representatives in Washington, D.C. haven’t been this out of touch with their constituency since the days of English rule and the Boston Tea Party.

If anyone really think those showing up at the recent town hall meetings being critical of the current House health care coverage plan don’t speak for America as a whole then it is time for the likes of Senator Specter to change parties yet once again and step down to a retirement party.

This unrest over revamping and overhauling the healthcare system crosses all party and ideological lines. Our representatives don’t get it do they? This isn’t about not wanting to reform health care coverage; it has to do with impinging on choice. CHOICE is the only thing Americans have ever had. It is the bedrock of all our liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Senator Specter his ilk from both sides of the aisle have been whittling away at choice for decades and healthcare has become this generation’s Tea Party moment and, but like George of merry old England, our elected official's resolve is to belittle, berate and attack those they claim to represent. You boys and girls in Washington better look out. To quote one of those 30’ something young people in Specter's town hall meeting - “You have awakened a sleeping giant.” Remember what happen to Japan after they awakened that giant? Not only do our representatives have the young generation’s ire up, but they’ve also ticked-off the baby boomers, those who created effective change-making protesting in the 1960’s. Just because we have gotten older doesn’t mean we have forgotten how to get real change accomplished, with or without your help.

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