Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's upcoming Attack on the State of Israel

According to Debka.com, an Israeli open-source intelligence paper based in Jerusalem, President Obama is about to do something that could turn out to be the turning point, and quite possibly, the spell of doom on his presidency. Debka and One Jerusalem are claiming that the President is getting ready to put on a tremendous amount of pressure on Israel to turn over their sovereignty of Jerusalem, as well as a complete ban on settlements in the disputed territories and calling on the Israeli government to formally acknowledge the West Bank terrorist-led State.

Besides the crucial issue of having an undivided Jerusalem as the recognized capital of the country of Israel (which is composed of both Jewish and Arab voting and tax-paying citizens) the other hot issue is the question of whether or not Jewish citizens of the State of Israel are to be allowed to buy land and build homes anywhere in Jerusalem.

President Obama will make his (as Jerusalem One calls it) ambush of Israel at the upcoming opening UN Assembly. His first partner in this crime is Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a supposed ally of Israel. Of course the United States is also a supposed ally, at least it has been since its founding nearly 60 years ago. Is all that about to change with Obama? One might be led to think so.

The problem with the Obama/Mubarak proposal is both simple and complex. Asking Israel to recognize the West Bank terrorist state would be like asking the American government to recognize and openly negotiate with Al'Queda. Not very wise. Giving any terrorist organization that kind of legitimate claim to public recognition is naive at best and disastrous at worse. Israel played that game with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and that effort has proved fruitless at best for both sides of the table. The only thing it has done is weaken the PLO and strengthen the more hard-lined terror group HAMAS, granting them unprecedented political power in the region that they would have never achieved otherwise.

Asking Israel to govern from a divided capital in Jerusalem would have been equivalent to asking President Abraham Lincoln to divide Washington, DC and give the Confederacy the southern half as their capital. Not only is that foolhardy but just plain stupid.

While a spokesperson for President Obama was quick to deny Mubarak's press release that the American President was finishing up a proposed peace agreement between Israel and Palestine that would entail the realignment of Jerusalem's borders, it must be kept in mind that despite scant assurances from the President, Israel, for the first time since the days of Jimmy Carter, does not have a real friend in the White House.

With the President revving up the pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the settlements and now this supposed restructuring of the walls of Jerusalem in question and the fact that current polling in Israel shows that the majority of Jewish voters don't want a freeze on new Jewish settlements - this could spell some new hard days for Israel. They held firm during such onslaughts in the past, but those were the days when the U.S. was a staunch friend and ally. Now with the support of an old friend waning, Israel may once again have to rely on that one source that has carried them along for nearly 6,000 years and kept them buoyed in troubled waters.

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