Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Learning the Difference Between Running For and Being President

In his first real challenge to the man's obvious political savvy and personal charisma President Obama is finally learning the difference between campaigning for the office of President and being President of the United States.

Except for some early trailing in the polls against the then Senator Clinton, Obama's track to the Presidency was a wide open trail-blazing precedent-setting historical event. First he was the only African-American candidate to win an overwhelming approval rating across the board encompassing favor with every race and ethnic group of all ages and economic status. He was young, fresh, full of spunk and vigor promising change and new ideas to challenge the decaying status quo that had been devouring the heart of American politics for nearly two decades. Not since the campaign of Ronald Reagan had the political front seen such excitement.

One other thing Obama had that was new and never been experienced in American politics before was a total lack of any real scrutiny from the press. Most of the mainline press outlets from the 4th estate were openly tripping over themselves trying to get on board the Obama fan-wagon. Senator McCain didn't stand a chance!

Obama won the election and for his first 100 days has had pretty much smooth sailing, and of course, an overwhelming Democratic House majority and a filibuster-proof Senate certainly hasn't hurt him getting his "change" agenda rifled through and bills signed. Everything from increased Government oversight (takeover) of the banking industry, passing stimulus bills that promise to halt unemployment (which to date has yet to show positive results), basically nationalizing the American auto industry..and more on the horizon.

But, there could be hope on that horizon for, if not stopping the runaway Obama Train in its tracks, at least slowing it down a bit. And who would of thought it would happen with the President's campaign pet project called Universal Healthcare.

Americans by the thousands are showing up at town hall meetings, millions have written or emailed their representatives, as well as the White House, to express their deep concern over the President's desire to basically turn our current system into an EU clone of healthcare provision. The Obama Socialism Train seems to be running out of fuel as members of his own party (the so-called Blue Dog Democrats), after hearing from their constituency, are slowly backing away from the station to await another train. Hopefully, it is the train of common sense, free enterprise and democracy.

Faced for the first time with a real challenge to his ability to lead the President is doing exactly what all his predecessors have done in the past and as he should do - hitting the trail to face the public face-to-face and is he ever getting an ear-full. After the so obviously prepared set-up town hall in New Hampshire, Mr. Obama is now hearing from all citizens (and they are being civil) and the first thing he does is begin backing down from his most desired part of healthcare - the public option.

That one statement from him and certain members of his cabinet about accepting a bill without that option got him cheers from his critics and those who oppose it, but then --- WHAM! the President gets hit upside his proverbial political head from his staunchest supporters, the ultra-liberal left of his own party. Pelosi, Reid and others came out firing with both barrels at the President and the reality of his true situation is just now slowly beginning to dawn on him. He isn't this champion of change, this great charismatic giant of politics, this almost revered man of the people -- No, he is the President of the United States caught in the middle of two factions that have been in a verbal (and sometime physical) war with each for decades and he alone must somehow find a way - get ready for it - to do the most difficult thing for a man like him to do - Govern by COMPROMISE!

Welcome to the center seat Mr. President. The fun is over, the easy task is done. It is now time to prove your ability or inability to be a true leader of the people and defender of the Constitution.

I wish you well.

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