Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Health Care Public Option - Am I Bashing?

I generally get grief from some of the folks I know from Canada and other countries that live under a government controlled or sponsored health care system. Those of my friends in Canada are especially touchy on the subject when I get their system in my sites. Most claim that since I have never been under their system I am in no position to judge it...and, in large part that is true, but the same applies to those living outside this country who would bash the system here in the United States.

While having not lived under the Canadian system, I have lived under the system the Canadian one was based on and forged from. Therefore, the double-standard does not wholly apply here. However, I will give you that I have not lived under Canada's health care system as it currently is...but, I am familiar with some who have and they, for the most part, agree with my assessment of it.

I am just as hard on our own system here in the United States. The current modus operandi gives insurance bureaucrats far too much power in deciding what is and isn't medically needed. That needs to change and do so quickly. However, it might all be moot since today it was discovered that, just like the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies are in bed with the current administration and are willing to take the public perception media hit because the Obama administration is promising them a lowering of their current coverage liability from 80% to as low as 65% without the same decrease in premium costs which will, except for the very rich in this country, drive most everyone else out of the private sector of health coverage and straight into the arms of the public option. Government and Insurance companies are both playing the sleaze card on this one and most Americans will be left with no choice but the handout and leavings of Uncle Sam. That's another nail in the coffin of American life as we have come to know it and another tear in the Constitution.

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