Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This is What TREASON Actually Looks Like

What it Means to be a "Shithole" Country

President Trump (if he actually said it at all) used a common vernacular we have all used once or twice in our lifetimes to describe the economic, medical and political state of most of the third-world nations of the Earth run by tyrants, dictators and abusers of their people

I have been to several shithole countries in my day while serving this nation in the military for over a decade. To name just a few - Vietnam (which has been upgraded from shithole to a manageable toilet), Pakistan (called West Pakistan in my day), Bangladesh (East Pakistan at one time) and probably the biggest shithole on the planet. Haiti, and certain sections of some far and middle eastern countries

Calling them a shithole had nothing to do with the color of the resident's skin, the religion they practiced or what the everyday person's politics were but was a reflection on the FUBAR shape of their country as a result of their government's lack of humanitarian leadership. I have also been to other third world nations led by leaders who had concern over the wellbeing of their citizenry and not one of them would be what I would call a "shithole" while some might be termed a toilet, depending on the concern or lack thereof of its leadership. Examples being The Philippines (Manila is a shithole) but other parts of the country are not, Saudi Arabia where I spent some time is a shithole for its women but that is starting to change. Kuwait is similar to the Saudis in that regard, and so forth. For those race-baiting haters who love to latch on to every minutia President Trump says or doesn't say, does or doesn't do are a stain on this nation because they care little to nothing about those truly in need throughout the globe but simply have an agenda of chaos and hatred they desire to spread in order to try and stop the will of the American people who overwhelmingly elected Mr. Trump this nation's president. Those that do care say little because they are far too busy out there actually doing something to try and give relief to those in need.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rational Logic Be Damned - We hate Trump!

Those who know me can attest that I do spend a great deal of time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, however, for about a month I stayed away from most of them, especially Facebook, because I wanted time away from the social media madness to investigate the why for all this Trump hate from the more radical elements on the left and in the MSM (Mainstream Media). It simply made no logical sense that such vitriol toward a person who hasn't really done anything to deserve it was taking place.

In all my years on the planet and after over six decades of studying the history of both World and American politics I have never seen such animosity directed at someone for no sound logical reason. I have investigated, quite thoroughly, President Trump's family history, his business practices, his politics and his personality and find no solid ground for those on the left, the MSM and the political establishment for the almost rabid-like loathing they have for this one man. Not even the likes of such truly awful men like Mao, Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler, while they lived and were in power, have been lambasted by their fellow citizens and the press as Trump has faced since first announcing his run for the presidency. Since handedly winning against 17 other Republicans and against the Democrat's darling Hillary Clinton, this man has had to withstand one onslaught after another on a daily - now hourly basis.

I am a logical person (I least I try to be) who prefers intellectual debate over political rhetoric and I have tried for many months now to engage in that type of discussion and debate with those who are so hateful of this President. I have simply wanted them to explain in a logical, non-emotional forum of discussion why they hate Trump so vehemently but sadly all I have gotten time and time again is nothing more than hyperbole, leftist rhetoric and memorized spewing of leftist and MSM talking points that lack any kind of rational substance to it at all.

When you look into Trump's actual life history going back nearly four decades you will never find any trace of the bigotry and racism he has been charged with. It simply isn't there to be found. In fact, before he announced his run for office Trump was the darling among the New York political and entertainment elite who sought to rub shoulders with him, get their picture taken with him or have him aside to try and get some kind of political or charitable contribution from him. Democrats, Republicans, Black Caucus members, the NAACP, The Jewish Federation and so many others wanted Trump and literally sought him out. Why the change now? His political views haven't changed that much over the course of those decades, at least not any more than any other normal human being that has been seasoned by the realities and harshness of life. So why all the vitriol toward him? Since there has been no real logical explanation given then I can only come to a few conclusions:

(1) They simply hate him because he is not establishment,

(2) President Trump has his own way of doing and thinking that runs totally contrary to the D.C. bubble Americans have become all too familiar with and grown tired of (Drain the Swamp - anyone?),

(3) for the first time since possibly Reagan, but surely since Andrew Jackson, we have a president who literally speaks his mind in the language of the common man and not the political speak of the Washington, Media and Hollywood elite,

(4) and possibly most damning for him, is he plans to keep everyone of his campaign promises of strong border control, enforcement of immigration laws currently on the books, lowering taxes, the border wall, repealing and replacing Obamacare, Free and Fair Trade laws, Infrastructure enhancement and most importantly job creation, which in only 7 months of office has reached over 1 million in new jobs growth. What! Can someone we the people put in office actually do what he promised the American people he would do? Not if the Alt-Left, Alt-Right, Leftist Democrats, MSM and RINOs in congress have anything to do with it. Damn him if he thinks he can drain this swamp, lock her up, and Make America Great Again.

Why is Trump hated? Because he is doing what he said he would do and for the Deep State, the runaway intelligent state and the one-world order faction this is completely unacceptable because it postpones their plans to totally destroy this Constitutional Republic, the last vestige of true democracy in the world. They were so close to fulfilling their great socialist-fascist dream for The United States. They have been working stalwartly since the days of Woodrow Wilson to make this happen and then along comes Donald J. Trump, a radical outsider with truly innovative ideas for bringing America up from the slums of total government dependence it has become numb to over the last several decades.

They lost, at least for the moment, and they are pissed to the point that it has exposed them for the hateful, vindictive snowflake, almost childish people they really are deep within the core of their being. There is no rational, logical evidence for the stance against Trump that they have taken but that won't stop them from using hate speech against the person that was legally and duly elected to the office by those who have borne witness to the destructive policies and practices of many of those who have come before them and they feel threatened by the powerful charisma and magnetic pull Trump has with the hard working middle class American. These Americans, possibly for the first time since 1980, have a real voice in the White House and the power-elite cannot tolerate it and will do all they can to snuff it out before all they worked for to overthrow the Republic becomes null and void. They are scared to death that Trump will actually succeed at making America a thriving giant of industry, military, and charity throughout the world again and they simply cannot and will not let that stand - the voter be damed, the Constitution be damned and rational thinking be damned.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fascism: A Leftist Ideology

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio is joined by author Dinesh D'Souza to discuss the core values of Fascism, its origins and its impact on today's 21st Century America and the World

ALT-Left & ALT-Right Are Terrorists - Plain and Simple

Tearing down statues of one's past - even when embarrassed by that past - is what ISIS & the Taliban do. Is the Alt-Left getting more and more like these terror groups? I think so!

Those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it sometime in the future. Without acknowledging our past, even the bitterest moments of it with revisionist ideology will cause that past to creep up on one unawares.