Friday, October 21, 2016

Politico Rant: Politics Is Not Civil - It's a Bloodsport

With about two weeks until the American general election I wanted to air out some of my brain and remove some of the cobwebs, spiders and snakes that may have been accumulating since June 2015 when this cycle got underway. Between the diehard fans of Donald J. Trump hailing him as the next best thing to a Messiah and those supporting Hillary Clinton who have pretty much admitted their lack of enthusiasm over her, particularly after the revelations of how she literally stole the primary from Senator Bernie Sanders I figured it may be time to put some reason back in the discussion, as difficult of a task that may appear to be. A reasoned approach is doable even in these erratic times (when haven’t the times been erratic?).

I first want to address the most recent distraction that the mainstream media, including Fox News, has tied their wagon to. On the night of the final debate moderator Chris Wallace (who overall did a fine job - certainly better than the previous two debate moderators) asked one question that according to the press was quite telling. We all know the question - I paraphrase: “Mr.Trump will you accept the election results on November 8th?” That is a good question, however, it was only addressed to Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton yet Wallace allowed Clinton to respond to Trump’s answer without actually answering the question herself. On Friday, when pressed by one of his own colleagues over at Fox why he asked Trump that question the response from Wallace was, again paraphrasing: “Because of all his talk over the last few weeks how the election is rigged.” Alright I understand. However, any reasoned person would have already knew what Trump’s answer would be, that is if Mr. Trump is a reasoned person. His answer? “I’ll let you know … I’ll keep you in suspense.” That may not have been a politician’s way of answering the question but it was a reasoned one? Why? Because only a fool or someone like a slick politician would have answered yes to that obviously baited question. He could have done what Vice President Al Gore did in 2000 when that question was posed to him and said “Yes, I will agree with the vote count on election day,” and then on November 9th file a lawsuit that ended up in the Supreme Court which dragged out the election results for an additional 36 days after election day. Also, in light of all the recent revelations from WikiLeaks, the FBI 302 reports and the undercover videos showing the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee actively engaging in voter fraud and election rigging, only a downright idiot and fool would have answered that question in the affirmative. Mr. Trump is not a seasoned politician. He is forthright, to the point, blunt at times but he always tells you want he really thinks and doesn’t filter it through the crooked mire of political speak. That job he leaves to professional politicians like Hillary Clinton. One thing Trump is not ….. is a fool.

Now let’s move on to the next new line you are and will likely be hearing about from the media pundits and spin doctors, and that is this little thing called “down balloting.” Basically what this entails are all the Congresspersons and Senators running for reelection. In the old days the leader of a party (the presidential nominee of that party) really pushes hard to ensure their fellow party members are reelected and help out with appearances on behalf of that candidate or sends out their surrogates to help while both the RNC and DNC shell out millions of dollars to those candidate’s campaign. That is still taking place during this election, but neither of the two top tier candidates are doing a lot of shilling for the down ballot folk this time around and leaving that job mostly to staffers and surrogates. Since the press is making out like neither candidate is liked much many of these down ballot candidates are concerned about their reelection chances and that includes both Republican and Democratic incumbents.

I’m not going to get into all the salacious news about Trump or the criminality of Clinton and those in her camp because in order to make a rant on those topics requires a degree of throwing rationality out the window. I will leave that for another time ….. or not at all. What I do want to address as an answer to the above scenarios and why nothing that is said or done this time around by either side seems to have any actual lasting effect.

The press, aka Mainstream Media (MSM) which includes mainly the television or cable news outlets and those still involved in the written word such as print or the corporately owned digital printed journalist; and the columnists, editorialists and opinion bloggers are now operating in a new medium that most of them (aside from the online internet folk) are totally unfamiliar with. They are still working from the old political model that no longer works and one that they are still quite baffled by. No real, everyday person actually reads the New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, etc. Very few hurry in front of the TV with their dinner trays and watch the evening nightly news on ABC, NBC, CBS or PBS any longer like we did when I was younger. Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite, Huntley Brinkley Report, etc. The MSM is still living in the dark ages of news and editorial distribution. As a result of this and the fact that most of the MSM has been locked for decades inside the same Beltway Bubble as those who have made politics a lifetime job instead of a service to their constituents. The media, like the politicians, because they are so out of touch with the real world that surrounds their impermeable glass house, have been caught off guard and have been revealed for the collusive players they are. Thanks mainly to things like Facebook, Twitter and other social media avenues the average citizen have had their eyes slowly wedged open to the reality of the political world that surrounds them; one in which isn’t anything like they have been led to think it was.

We have been taught that politics, while down and dirty still retains of modicum of civility. Thanks to social media and the blunt truthfulness from an unlikely presidential candidate like Donald Trump citizens now have a first-look peak behind the royal curtain and have gotten a glimpse of what the politicians, their operatives and the MSM have always known and understood — Politics, regardless of the public facade, is a bloodsport and not for the civil-minded.

People, over the last 18 months, and particularly these last several weeks with all the thousands of WikiLeaks revelations and undercover video from Project Veritas the facade has been brought crashing down. Of course, each person who has this “come-to-Jesus” moment react in several ways. Some become so discouraged of the facts behind the revelations that they simply bow out of the whole process altogether returning by denial to their previous state of keeping their heads buried in the sand like a good little ostrich. Others simply accept the reality and fall into their ideological sheepfold on either side and march lock-step to the party line, being good little spin doctors for their candidate of choice.

Another group tries to find the best in each candidate who lays out a plan and policies that fit best into their emotional mold of how they view the world.

Finally, there is the group that, with reason, logic, a knowledge of the past and a hope for the future recognize that both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump are flawed human beings doing what they do for whatever the reason they do them which always includes the accumulation of political power to achieve their stated and sometime privately held goals for the nation and its people. This group will weigh the claims of both, thoroughly vet each candidates positions on those issues that will have the greatest impact on their lives and the direction of the nation; issues such as immigration, border security, national security, military preparedness, economy, jobs, jobs, jobs, bringing down the national debt while also rebuilding the declining infrastructure. They will logically, unemotionally and reasonably decide, based upon the candidates words, policies, actions and past accomplishments, failures and behaviors which candidate will best serve them, the nation and the Constitution of the United States of America.

What has changed is not the people or the political gamesmanship. What has changed, thanks almost entirely to the internet and social media, is how the people get their information about the game and their ability to affect the outcome of the game through massive online communication and sharing of data. The people are no longer dependent on the status quo and are saying as a result that for the most part they are sick and tired of that status quo created by the politicians and propagandized by the MSM.

There is a new sheriff in town and all the old bad players are scrambling to come to terms with this new political reality. In the future the candidate who know best how to manipulate this new media will dominate in the polls. This election is the first real test of just that paradigm shift. Get onboard or be run over by it left torn, shambled and bleeding on the tracks.

[NOTE: With ICAN soon to take charge of the global internet this whole model may be in for another earth shaking game change].

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nationalism vs. Globalism: Liberty vs. Tyranny

This coming election (November 8, 2016) is the most important election since the founding of the United States of America. That is a bold statement but one that fits the scenario those living in 21st Century America are facing. The election of the next President of the United States and those running for seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will determine the direction of the nation, and by default, the entire world for generations. That is how important this time around is. It will literally decide the fate of the world.

The bottom line for voters, as the world awaits with baited breath, is not Donald J. Trump’s sexual allegations or even the myriad of Hillary Clinton scandals that have plagued the nation for decades and the WikiLeaks revelation of those questionable actions, words and strategies put forth by the former Secretary of State and her staff. The real issue in this election is far removed from these obvious distractions.

The bottom line? Nationalism versus Globalism. Liberty versus a one world government formally known by many as The New World Order. That is at the heart and soul of these upcoming elections.

This New World Order has been in the making for quite some time but really didn’t get a good strong foothold on American soil until the year 1976 (200 years after the official formation of America in 1776) with the election of Jimmy Carter for president. He set the framework which built upon the foundation laid by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the late 1930’s and helped foster the plans for just such a move from a Constitutional Republic to the beginnings of a more socialistic, politically correctable institution in which the Constitution, while being paid lip service, was beginning to be relegated as nothing more than an antiquated documented to only be viewed under glass and not practiced by the ruling class as the founders had intended.

Over time both major political parties in the United States publicly appeared to be on opposite ends of just about every major issue the nation faced but privately strove to achieve the same goal of globalism built and created in their own image and idealism, however the ultimate goal of each remained the same — moving the country from a national agenda to a global one in which for the Democrats America would be simply one nation among many in their global initiative while for the Republicans a one world government being the goal it would be led and headed by The United States as the Top One Among Many.

What makes this election so critical is that for the first time since 1976 there is a distinct dichotomy between the GOP nominee for president and his own party. Mr. Trump is not a globalist. He is a nationalist. He is America first and foremost in all things. He is at direct odds with his own party elite who are moderate to conservative globalist and the Democratic nominee who, privately is more like the GOP elite than her own party, but publicly is carrying her party’s banner of a socialistic New World Order. Because Trump holds such old fashioned views of America’s greatness in its past and its possibilities for a grand future he has become an enemy of the powerful globalist within his own party, the opposition party and the corporate media machine that has chosen to be fully in the tank for Secretary Clinton’s Saul Alinsky vision of the future. It has put Mr. Trump on an ideological war on three fronts.

The nation and the world in general are now at a serious crossroads. What gets decided by the American people on November 8th will determine the direction of the entire world that will affect the lives of billions of people for at least the next 40 to 80 years due mainly to the kind of ideologues the next president will place on the nation’s Supreme Court which could be up to at least 4 new justices over the next 4 to 8 years. This is unprecedented.

Will the people decide to side with George H.W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton with their New World Order agenda? Or, will the American people go the way of BREXIT and keep America firmly the leader and champion of the Free World striving to continue the dream of their forefathers of independence who left the tyranny of a ruling class in favor of at least a modicum of individual freedom and liberty?

The answer to that all important question will be answered in just a few weeks. One can only hope that the average American voter is cognizant of just how important and life changing this election will be for them, the country and the world and will look beyond the mainstream media distractions being forced upon them and will keep their eye on the prize, that being their hard fought for Liberty.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

UNESCO Vote: This is the Last Straw-My Patience Is Finally Depleted

I've had it with Arab Muslim states and the UN. The UNESCO vote, if it becomes a full UN resolution will erase Judaism's holiest sites such as The Western Wall and Temple Mount and will embolden more Palestinian terror attacks against Jews in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. It is time for a full scale WAR to take back all that is ours and I mean all the Land promised our people by HaShem, not just this small strip of land our people currently inhabit but all of it:

From the Red Sea, in the region of Eilat today, to the Sea of the Philistines which would be the Mediterranean Sea near Gaza. This southern line was to a point called the River of Egypt, or the wadi of Egypt on the Great Sea – aka the Mediterranean. The coastline of the Mediterranean – [Numbers 34:6; Ezekiel 47:20].

From there through what is Lebanon and Syria today to the Euphrates River in the north [Genesis 15:18; Deuteronomy 11:24; Ezekiel 47:17; Joshua 1:4].

From the Euphrates River in the north, extending south, past Damascus, along the slopes on the eastern side of the Sea of Kinnereth, what we know as the Golan Heights today. The Kinnereth is also called the Eastern Sea in Tanakh and is what we know as the Sea of Galilee. The Jordan River rises in the mountains of Lebanon and runs south to the Sea of Galilee. At the southern end of the Sea of Galilee the Jordan River flows out and along the Jordan Valley to enter the Dead Sea. The eastern side of the Jordan River, south of the Golan Heights, represents the boundary of the Promised Land [Numbers 34:11-12; Ezekiel 47:18].

This is our land, the Land of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov. It has been ours for nearly 4,000 years and we will never, never, ever give one more inch of it away because scum in the UN say we must. It is not the land of Muhammad and we need to take it back NOW!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump's Sex Talk & Clinton's Lies -- Op-Ed: Which is the Most Lewd and Detrimental to the Nation?

From a National Security point of view this current conflag over the Trump audio tape of him talking lewd is all kinds of ridiculous and nothing more than a distraction from what we as Americans should be concentrating on in this election.

People are worried about Trump's words that were not actions but reprehensible talk that had no follow-up works (He never grabbed the lady in question's genitals) --- so it was just lewd talk between two lewd men (one of them a Bush, so mystery solved how the audio got leaked).

Where is all the outrage over the real issues like why would we put Clinton in charge of our national security when she has proven by her ACTIONS and LIES to have placed our nation in a compromising situation when she mishandled classified information?

We are concerned over raunchy talk about grabbing female body parts and a fool's imaginings what that would be like. Donald hit on a married woman. WOW! I'm aghast (he joins the ranks of some of this nation's greatest leaders - Thomas Jefferson got his slave pregnant - FDR had several affairs in his 3 terms as President - JFK was a huge womanizer - Eisenhower had a mistress on the side before and while President -- man I could go on forever on this- yet none of their lewd and adulterous behavior inhibited their ability to lead with greatness in times of peace and war), but Hillary placing this nation's secrets and possibly State Department strategy for taking out ISIS, dealing with Putin, and who knows what else was in those deleted 33,000 emails; not to mention the over 100 classified emails the FBI found on her illegal, unprotected server in her basement. We have become so damn politically correct that we as a nation are losing site of the most important thing that is a real national priority right now - our economy, jobs, unemployment, border security, rush of unvetted immigrants from Syria, Iraq and other radical Islamic countries coming into America virtually vetted-free.

While the well intentioned, and those with ulterior political agendas, keep focusing on electing a completely morally upright citizen to the office of President (BTW: nobody like that is running in this race - and never have since the first President). We are not electing Jesus or Ghandi for President .... OK? We need someone intelligent (and Donald is that - IQ 156 - graduate of the one of the finest business universities in the nation - Wharton College, and early years spent in the discipline of a military academy where he excelled in military leadership and strategic thinking). Hillary Clinton has served as First Lady of a State and the Nation for a total of 16 years. Served as US Senator for 8 years and Secretary of State for 4 years .... and yet with all that time in positions of authority, leadership, policy making and Head of State Department actions and policies - tell me what she has actually achieved in those nearly 30 years? I can tell you -- Absolutely nothing of any real substance, change, accomplishment or do-goodery.

It is time to give someone else a shot. There are some who simply do not like Trump or some of his antics of private lewd conversations with other lewd actors so my advice for them is to vote for Hillary, Johnson or Stein or even a write-in .... but get over it already and for once do what is best for the nation as a whole and not to just placate your PC driven hyper-sensibilities.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Here Is My Bottom Line on the Two Main 2016 Presidential Candidates

Here is my bottom line on the two main Presidential Candidates - this is the pure and simple version:

Every candidate has flaws. They are human and humans, like you and I, are fraught with flaws. I do not expect to elect a walk-on-water Messiah to the office of President. The best I can hope for is someone who will remain as true as they are capable of fulfilling the Constitutional duties of the President of the United States.

Of the two main candidates running I find businessman turned politician Donald Trump far more capable of doing that than Hillary Clinton who has proven over the last four decades to not only be duplicitous but also may be directly complicit in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya, as well as, incapable of being responsible for the handling of classified information. She is so steeped in illegality and putting herself above and beyond what is best for the nation that, as a concerned American, I simply cannot vote for her.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have flaws. However, she goes beyond flawed and has purposefully compromised her integrity (if she ever had it) and is totally lacking in trustworthiness - the number one character trait necessary for the leader of the free world.

I DO NOT and CANNOT TRUST HER and that is the bottom line and the most troublesome thing Clinton faces in her campaign. I trust Trump more than I could trust her based solely on their history over the last 40 years, as flawed as they both might be.