Monday, March 19, 2018

Military Personnel and the Weapons Misconception

Let me address the first misconception about firearms and members of the military:

The assumption that all military personnel are trained and know the ins and outs of an "assault weapon" is a false one. Unless the military person is serving in a warzone as a combatant, in the military police or some kind of specialized security division then the only training they got was a few weeks shooting at targets while going through boot camp which only lasts between 8 and 12 weeks total. After that, unless they are one of the aforementioned job types the likelihood of ever touching a weapon again is....well, unlikely - unless they were a gun owner enthusiast that shot targets or went hunting before entering military service, then they may go to gun ranges or hunt animals by continuing those practices on their own time and dime while still following each military base protocol for the proper handling and storage of weapons when not in use, if the personnel live on base housing.

Most jobs in the military are not directly war related, military police or security personnel but are just like civilian jobs; medical personnel, office personnel, maintenance personnel, etc. that, like their civilian counterparts do not require the use or handling of a gun or any kind of weapon on a daily basis. Nor, is continued gun training required during their time in the service after boot camp for these types of non-combatant or non-police duties.

I served in the military for 13 years. The United States Air Force from 1967 - 1973 and then the United States Navy from 1975 - 1980 plus two years of active reserve while I attended nursing school. I received training on an M16 rifle in boot camp and after that was trained in USAFSS intelligence where gun handling was still required. When I left that branch of the service I went into medicine and then went back into active duty and continued serving but because I was no longer in a field that required use of a weapon, I never was required to even touch one again. That is true of most members of the military.

Somehow, I guess because we have been in a constant state of war since 2001 over in the Middle East, we have come to see all military personnel as highly trained and proficient in the use of firearms, especially assault weapons, however, that is simply not true. Most military personnel are no more or less trained in their use of a gun as any civilian. In fact, most civilians, especially if they are active National Rifle Association (NRA) members are more proficient and better trained in gun use and safety than the average military person.

Now to the last statement posed in this meme:

Why should a civilian with no training be allowed to own an unregistered "assault" weapon? Well, first define 'assault weapon' because if memory serves all assault weapons are currently banned in the United States of America except for military and police use. The AR-15 is not an assault weapon or as these kids being interviewed by the left-wing media are so fond of now saying "a weapon of war." Secondly, civilians can own an AR-15 (if that is weapon type the meme is referring to) because it is allowed under the law of the land known as the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. They are lawful to own. If the majority of voters in the nation have a problem with that then legally change the law via the Constitutionally legislative process.

Do I think an AR-15 should be registered with the State you live in? Sure, why not. However, that is a State by State decision, not a Federal one. For those who are concerned about the registration process it should be remembered that registration is not a banning nor is it a confiscation. Most States already require handgun registration. My State even requires a shotgun for hunting to have a form of ownership (not registration) to be filed with the Statehouse. Registration of or even requiring an age limit for the purchase of any firearm is not a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, own a gun or utilize the weapon for legal purposes. Confiscation and banning of a weapon is a direct violation of that Constitutional liberty.

I wish we could simply remove all the emotion from this weapons debate and return to a sane look at the law and use common sense before making legal decisions that could destroy the foundational fabric of the liberties fought and died for over the last 300 years.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What Real Leadership Looks Like and It Scares the Weak of Heart

The Trump haters and naysayers are really making me sick to my stomach. Watching the direction many are wanting to take America is also breaking my heart.

Those who wish to bring down President Trump tolerated one of the worst presidents in American history for eight years with President Obama. Praising him like he was the second coming of messiah without so much of a peep over his corrupt socialist agenda. Stood idly by while he literally gave away billions of our taxpayer monies to an enemy like Iran and allowing them to continue their nuclear program unchecked by any real authority to stop them. Lauded him as a diplomatic genius as he bowed low before a Saudi king and toured the nations of the world apologizing for America. He allowed Russian involvement and meddling in U.S. elections on his watch while at the same time mocking those who tried to warn him of the dangers going all the way back to 2009. Remember how Obama made fun of Mitt Romney during the presidential debates in their race against one another over this issue and also how Obama laughed at Trump's allegation of Russian interference in 2016?

Those who have excused Obama and his administration have proven themselves to be nothing more that dupes; blind, deaf and dumb sycophants who have aided in taking the nation down a road it may never recover from and when someone finally comes along who isn't their model of a perfect globalist PC darling, doesn't toe their particular leftist political line, puts the needs of the nation first above all other nations and who has exposed the corruption in D.C. within the Department Of Justice, the FBI, State Department and more; the haters rage on with a destructive campaign that hails and praises those driven to bring Trump down while applauding those who smear, lie and do unspeakable slander and libel against him; and all because they cannot, for the first time since 1980 control the person in the Oval Office from doing exactly what he was voted in office to do - defend and protect this nation and its Constitutional foundation.

If We the People allow those hell bent on destroying this man and his presidency to be successful in illegally bringing him down this Constitutional Republic will go the way of the dinosaur and I for one will not lament all of you when what replaces it will bring about our ultimate ruination. Why? Because you have been warned!

Is President Donald J. Trump a savior, a messiah? Hell no! He is the President of the United States of America duly elected legally and constitutionally. He has broken no laws, offended none of the statutes and Constitutional regulations that are binding to the office for which he was elected nor committed any high crimes or misdemeanors that would warrant an impeachment process.

I am so ashamed of all of those that simply hate this man so much that they are willing to bring an end to the Republic; and all because they don't like the way he does and says things. Because he hurts their feelings or doesn't treat these pampered little children with kid gloves like those who came before him have done with their Nanny State for the last thirty plus years. If you were born after 1988 you have been without a real leader your entire lives and wouldn't know one if he/she bit you on the ass. Well wake up children, Trump is just that, a real leader. The kind of leader this nation had with Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman. I was around for each of these president's time in office and if they were around today they would be HATED just as much by the very same crowd that hates Donald Trump because he is much in the same vein as these past giants of leadership | strong, independent, pulling no punches with his words or actions and gets the job done, striking fear in the hearts of those who have abused the nation for far too long and always putting America and its legal citizens first.

Listen closely you who want to see President Trump destroyed and removed regardless of the consequences of your actions: You're simply unaware of what real leadership looks like because YOU'VE NEVER experienced it and now that you have all you want to do is tear it down and hide behind your Mommy State; hiding behind the apron strings of those you have known who are so willing to feed you your diluted lukewarm milk that you've come to think is leadership. If you don't wake up soon to the kind of leadership that is needed for this nation to continue providing you with the freedoms and liberty you have so obviously taken for granted then I pity you - I pity the nation that you will soon be its feckless leaders of.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"The Sky Is Falling - The Sky Is Falling!"

I hope my regular readers will forgive my upcoming rant of seemingly endless comparisons, however, after listening to the overtly biased mainstream "news" media for the last two years and all the monotonous wringing of hands from Democrats, liberals and agenda driven leftists about how current President Donald J. Trump is bringing an end to civilization and the planet; I felt it necessary to reflect on the number of times over my seven decades on planet Earth how I have had to tell kids and remind adults how many times WE have survived the end of the world.

The sky is not falling. It didn't fall and destroy everything during the two worst World Wars in human history;

It didn't fall in the early 1950's as I and every child hid under our school desks waiting for the A-bombs to drop;

It didn't fall after the Cuban missile crisis or the first modern day assassination of President John F. Kennedy;

It didn't fall after the first recorded resignation in disgrace of a U.S. President - Richard M. Nixon - while still in office due to corruption and cover-up;

It didn't fall under President Ronald Reagan when he called the Soviet Union an evil empire and was supposed to get us all nuked;

It didn't fall under President Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage situation - by far the worst president since Andrew Johnson was impeached;

It didn't fall when President Bill Clinton fell from grace and was impeached for lying to a Grand Jury about a blowjob he got from a White House intern under his desk in the Oval Office;

It didn't fall when the Twin Towers came down in New York City - the worst act of terrorism on American soil in history;

It didn't fall when President George W. Bush lied about WMD's and got the nation into a costly war that has waged for almost two decades with the loss of thousands of American lives;

It didn't fall under President Barack Obama, the great socialist who gave billions to an enemy in Iran while not ensuring they won't be able to develop nuclear weapons and so many scandals that cost lives in the aftermath;

And it won't fall under President Donald J. Trump the man the left is convinced will make the sky fall on them.

While the sky may well fall at sometime in the far distant future it will not happen on Trump's watch. So, relax children, just breathe slowly and steadily - all will be well with you too.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Is the Fall of the American Empire Inevitable?

The United States of America in the 21st Century is smack in the middle of what every declining superpower has experienced on their way to becoming just another footnote in world history - Sumerian, Egyptian, Assyria; Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, France, Great Britain; and now it’s The United States of America’s turn.

The only difference is America’s reign at the top has only lasted about a hundred years (since the end of the World War I) instead of the thousands or hundreds of years like those of the past. The signs of decay are prevalent for anyone taking the time to review them. First there is the lasting effects of continued wars and conflicts from within and without. Then a loss of the foundational core values that made an empire super in the first place. In the case of both Rome and The United States it was (is) the replacement of a Republic that had become so ravaged by inner turmoil, mistrust and corruption that it made the State ripe for dictatorial takeover and led to an age of tyrannical rule. Finally, the core value systems of an empire become so eroded or lost in memory with the passing of each new generation that irrational, chaotic and disfigured rule becomes the norm of the day leaving most of the populace of an empire grasping in the dark for any Messiah figure who can lead them into some kind of former greatness - moving from one charismatic failure of a leader to another until a despot takes advantage of the blinded masses and guides the empire into final and ultimate ruin. All of these scenarios, including a declining financial status in the world where spending outruns revenue, were all there with every past great world empire and they are quite obvious with the current one - The United States of America.

The U.S. likely has about another fifty to one hundred years of decay at the top of the heap and if history is any judge after America’s fall from grace the vacuum left behind will be followed by a period of worldwide chaos and a dark age before the next power player becomes the dominant force of the planet. It is also likely that whatever replaces America as the next superpower will not follow the experiment of a Democratically elected Constitutional Republic but will return to well established and the long held belief among power seeking elites that “Might Makes Right” with citizens becoming little more than vassals of the new empire.

Can America recover from it current trajectory of decline on the world scene? While I remain hopeful time is moving faster and perhaps not forward in a positive direction quick enough to resuscitate a nation already in the throes of cheyne-stokes breathing.

"The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." - Quohelet (Ecclesiastes) 1:9

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Magic of Age 21

Since the most recent mass school shooting in Florida many retailers have now come forward with announcements that they will no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21. Dick Sporting Goods, Krogers' Fred Meyers locations and Walmart just to name a few of the largest. As businesses it is their right to make those kinds of decisions and time will tell the effect it will have on their bottom line. Perhaps that is not their main concern at this time in history given the gravity in the increase of gun violence in The United States over the last 30 years. Again, time will tell.

I am a NRA member, have been for years. I am very pro 2nd Amendment as well. I will admit to some reservation over placing limits on gun purchases because of the detrimental future effect it could have on the stability of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This could be construed, and is by many gun owners, as a further eroding of gun owner rights in America. I am in the camp that believes it will be harder to defend the rights guaranteed by the 1st and 4th Amendments without the full enforcement of an unwatered down 2nd Amendment that gives all citizens the right to bear arms to protect from a tyrannical or oppressive government be it foreign or DOMESTIC. That being said, I have no problem with increasing the age limit to 21 years old for the purchase of rifles of any caliber as is already the case for the sell of handguns as long as the following common sense stipulations also take place:

(1) - No one can be inducted into the military until age 21 (because using a rifle or handgun is part of military training and duty - at least in boot camp and certainly in a war zone);

(2) - No one can vote in any U.S. Federal, State or Local elections until age 21 (deciding the fate of a nation by electing its representatives should not be left in the hands of teenagers barely out of high school);

(3) - No one can receive a license to drive a vehicle until the age of 21 (a vehicle can be turned into a lethal weapon in an instant);

(4) - No one can buy alcohol, tobacco or legal marijuana in any State until age 21 (I shouldn't have to explain why for this one).

If 21 years of age is the magic age of responsibility then let's make it so across the entire spectrum because each of those things listed can be a deadly weapon and bring about death, destruction, disease and heartache so why would we wish to inflict that kind of responsibility on someone of an age of irresponsibility?

What Say You?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What A Difference An Era Makes

Someone has been touting this meme to express their idea that the youth speaking out against guns in our society should be looked at with the same credulity as if they were speaking as one of the early explorers, founders or leaders of the colonies back in 1776.

While I applaud the effort there is a few things those using the meme may have forgotten - What a difference the era you are living in can make in how one should look at what comes out of "the mouth of babes."

Those shown in the meme in 1776 were indeed still quite young and some were still in their teens. However, there are some significant differences between them and the youth of 21st Century America. Those pictured were not raised to be left-winged snowflakes or with a sense of privileged entitlement that would give them an air of superiority over their fellows like so many of our young people are today. They had a respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the need to infringe on the rights of others seeking the same thing in their own unique way. They were raised to be very proficient in the use of firearms. Trained in the art of communication by means of rational debate instead of just the spouting of rhetoric. Most importantly, they had a sense of destiny, direction, purpose and a deep-seated desire to ensure that all who loved liberty and freedom of expression were given the space to seek out their limitless potential without a depressive government holding them back at every turn with over taxation, burdensome regulation and brute military aggressive force.

Like I said - a different age